In 1889, the city of Seattle burned to the ground. When they rebuilt, they decided to take advantage of the situation and move the “street level” up one floor. The result was a basement level in the downtown area of the city, complete with sidewalks! To allow light into these underground areas, the street level sidewalks were imbedded with glass chunks, tapered at one end to maximize light transfer. Brilliant! They’re called prism lights, and Seattle is not the only city to put them to use. I hear that the purple color is a result of the aging for the manganese that was added to the glass as a stabilizer. These prism lights also look amazing when the “sidewalk vault” underneath is lit at night, so the purple glass glows.

Seattle sidewalk street view

I found this fun 1880’s flyer online about the Brown Brothers Manufacturing Company, which may well have been the producers of the prism lights, but if they were, that means they were shipped all the way from Chicago! Perhaps they were made by one of the other prism glass companies I found listed here.

Wherever they came from, these beautiful and ingenious panels are a treasured part of Seattle’s personality, and an interesting part of its history.

I have been in the field of Early Childhood Education since 1995. I have my Bachelor’s degree in Professional Child Development. In my free time, I love LEGO, ballet, ballroom dancing, eating out, traveling, history, architecture, genealogy, and people.

Tipsy Cow Burger Bar – Redmond, WA

Food: Hattie
Food: Parents
Kid Friendliness

Restaurant: Tipsy Cow Burger Bar
Cuisine: Burgers
Visit Date: November 9th, 2015
Location: Redmond, WA
Address: 16345 Cleveland Street
Price of Kids Meal: No children’s menu
Child Friendliness Factors: 
-Changing Table in restroom: Yes
-Child hand washing made convenient: Not really.
-Highchairs available: Yes.
-Child-friendly food/servings on menu: No. All menu items are adult-sized.
-Welcoming touches for children: Crayons offered. Stuffed cows available for purchase.
Additional Comments:
-No outdoor seating.
-Purposefully loud/crowded ambiance. Great for people watching, but not a great spot for friends with sensory issues.

Tipsy Cow Burger Bar MenuMy mom and I stopped by the Tipsy Cow Burger Bar on a whim one day after shopping at the Redmond Value Village. I wasn’t very hungry, so I just split a burger & fries with my mom. It worked out well because they didn’t have a kids menu, and the menu items weren’t very appealing to a toddler like me. I liked my mom’s burger, and she really liked it (I don’t think she wanted to share!) The fries, however, were not worth sharing. Neither one of us ate anything off of the greasy pile, and we didn’t take any with us either.Tipsy Cow Burger Bar The waitstaff was all super friendly, which I always appreciate. Even the cooks waved at me!

I was born in September of 2014, and ever since I started eating solid foods I have been a self-proclaimed foodie. I am also an aspiring chef (actually, I just aspire to reach the kitchen counter right now), and experienced restaurant critic.

Pioneer Cemetery in Snohomish, WA

This is an intriguing bit of history, located just above the main drag through Snohomish, WA. I shall tell you the story as I understand it, but I readily admit that I am a bit foggy on the details.

In the late 1800’s, one of Seattle’s pioneering families, John & Lydia Low, were buried in this cemetery, along with many other pioneers of the area. The last burial was early in the 1900’s, and then the cemetery became overgrown and somewhat forgotten. In the 1940’s, the state cut a road right through the center, relocating all of the bodies they came across to nearby Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Cemetery, as well as the tombstones…not necessarily matched together, mind you. Here you can see cemetery in the foreground & background with the road running through the center.Pioneer Cemetery close to road in Snohomish

Since then, a senior center and parking lot have been built on top of sections of the graveyard, and remaining tombstones have been moved to the “Fake cemetery” up on the hill as a memorial to those buried nearby. Some of them are truly stunning headstones for whom I’m sure were stunning people (after all, this place was quite wild when they showed up!)Stunning headstone at Pioneer Cemetery in Snohomish

Also on this corner of the cemetery is Kikendall cabin, which was moved here in the mid 1960’s, I think, from it’s original home nearby. When I was trying to find out for sure, I found this article from 1964 published in the now defunct Monroe Monitor newspaper. The cabin boasts an amazing fireplace/chimney that you can see in the photo above. Here is the cabin from another angle so readers can see the impressive (yet unintended) collection of moss on the roof:Kikendall cabin with moss on roof

There used to be a Kikendall Cabin Historical Society, and on their website they wrote about the history of the family and the cabin. The following is a snippet:

Kikendall built the Kikendall log cabin in 1875 on a 120 acre Pilchuck River homestead, that was purchased for $1.50 an acre. The log cabin was located first north of Snohomish between the Snohomish-Machias Road, on the banks of the Pilchuck River. This cabin was once one of the pioneer landmarks of the area with its big stone fireplace, huge chinked logs and spacious porches. The first floor of the original cabin was just one room and extended to the back wall of the parlor. The cabin was twenty feet wide and sixteen feet deep. The Kikendall family moved into their new home in October of 1875. The kitchen area was added on the back about twenty years later (about 1895) increasing the depth to twenty -five feet. The second floor was used for sleeping quarters. When the cabin was eventually wired for electricity, the light bulb was located over the organ not only for light but to help keep the organ warm and dry during the winter months.

I must say that I was amazed at the lack of signage in this area. A person just pulls into the shopping center parking lot & walks to this plot in the corner to see a slice of history. I had to come home and Google it before I could find out what it was. While I was Google-ing, I found this great Seattle Times article here that explains a lot about why the cemetery has been rearranged so much over the years. Hopefully there will not be any further development on this plot of land, but unfortunately for the deceased, this is a very rapidly growing area and the demand for land keeps rising, so I won’t get my hopes too high.

Headstones in Snohomish's Pioneer Cemetery, a.k.a. Pilchuck Cemetery
Headstones in Snohomish’s Pioneer Cemetery, a.k.a. Pilchuck Cemetery
I have been in the field of Early Childhood Education since 1995. I have my Bachelor’s degree in Professional Child Development. In my free time, I love LEGO, ballet, ballroom dancing, eating out, traveling, history, architecture, genealogy, and people.

Watershed Cafe – Leavenworth, WA

Food: Hattie
Food: Parents
Kid Friendliness

Restaurant: Watershed Cafe
Cuisine: American
Visit Date: October 11th, 2015
Location: Leavenworth, WA
Address: 221 8th Street
Price of Kids Meal: N/A
Child Friendliness Factors: 
-Changing Table in restroom: No. It was a very awkward experience.Hattie at Watershed Restaurant
-Child hand washing made convenient: No. This was also a very awkward experience.
-Highchairs available: Yes.
-Drinks: I used my tippy cup from home, so I’m not sure what they would have offered me.
-Child-friendly food/servings on menu: No children’s menu, but the chef was very accommodating.
-Welcoming touches for children: None to speak of.
Additional Comments:
-Parking in downtown Leavenworth can be tricky.
-Patio seating available in good weather.

We ate brunch here on a beautiful mountain weekend, and it was so delicious! At the request of my parents, the chef made me a plate of sliced avocados, scrambled eggs, and sliced oranges. Our waitress was so kind and patient with me and the mess I kept making. We got to sit on the patio and watch all of the dogs walk by, and then one of them sat down at the table next to us! The waitress brought him a bowl of water, which I thought was really sweet. My parents loved their meals too. They both ordered sliders, and instead of fries, which is what most restaurants bring with anything that looks burger-isa, this place served them with dilly beans…which I love! Mark this one in the record books, folks: a restaurant that serves VEGGIES with their burgers! Wow! Watershed Restaurant Custom Brunch

I was born in September of 2014, and ever since I started eating solid foods I have been a self-proclaimed foodie. I am also an aspiring chef (actually, I just aspire to reach the kitchen counter right now), and experienced restaurant critic.

Kirkland Arts Center Buy-A-Brick

While visiting the Kirkland Art Center the other day, I couldn’t help but notice the all of the engraved bricks surrounding the building. They were lining the sidewalk in front of the historic building, and they create a lovely courtyard on the building’s side. I looked around for an indication of what they were for, but to no avail. I asked the director what they were for, and she said they were from a fundraising program a few years ago, but she was a bit vague on the details. It appears many of them were purchased as a memorial for a loved one, so in honor of them, I am transcribing their names here. I am leaving out the businesses named on bricks, as well as the ones that were illegible for various reasons.

Note: As I was transcribing these, I found one that said “E.A.F.A. 10 Years,” which I am assuming refers to the Eastside Association of Fine Arts, which was founded in 1975 & still in existence today. That would make these bricks more than just “a few years” old!

Front Walk: In memory of William M. Allen; Dan & Jan Soto, 29 July 1983; Charlie – Mary – Joe Silvernale; Jacquelyn Dye, My Love May 86; Dr. Peter Hashisaki; Matthew and Linda Gregory; Megan & Justin Smith; In memory of Dina Lee; Swain 7-11-86, Dan & Kelly; Morris Oliver; Traci Marie Goodwin; Carol Gose; Jason Sullivan; Scott Bradner; Jim & Shirley, Phillip & Lynn; Arielle Riley; Justin Locke, Scott Locke; Russ Edwards; Sanford Hanson; Joe Samponi; Peter Oliver; Cynthia Snider; Eric Scott; Bill – Jeremey Bedford; Callie Marie Owen; Bruce – Connie Hanson; Donald B. Servin; Kelli Anne Goodwin; Jeanette Merki; Dorothy & Charles Fox

Nancy L. Marson; Caroll Vrba; William Cross Sikes; William F. Porter; Lori & David Wright; Patricia Klinker; Paul Helen Kirk; Jeanne & Dennis, Kim & Nicole; John W L Bedford; Chloe & Rosie Klinker; Linda Lee and Allen R. Foster; Carol & Carl Youngberg; Fred & Karin Munro; Tom B. Escott; Jeanette and Randy Walton; Paula & Kim Lyle; G Erik Meyer, March 7, 1980; Dot & Fred, El Touristos; Dr. & Mrs. M. L. Redfern; Adam Wright; David & Hahid Prakken; Paz & Chaaca Klinker; John, Michael, Jamie Kennedy; Jack, Marilyn, & Jon Olson; Malaccai & Rap Klinker; Silver Willow & Hannah; Beth Adams, Frank Hannigan; Katy Lyle; Steve & Wendy Walton; Georgia Farris; Jeanette Prakken; Stephanie Prakken; Nancy S. Escott; In memory of Joe Niebrugge; Constance Falk; Chelsea Anne Owen; Amanda Rose Owen; Bette Butler Klinker; Catherine Greene; Lesley Wright; Ross Elmer; Connie Falk; The Monk Man, Bradley Cooper; David James Sikes III; Jane & Jack Adams; Agnes O’Neil Butler; Georgie Kilrain; Mary Flynn.

Linda Hagemann; Lilly May Anderson; Dawni Cunnington; Bev & Bob Anderson; The Meith Family; Jeff & Marsha; Eric Snyder 1985; Amy Sullivan; Thomas M. Tredway; John & Marcia Cochenour; Ron & Shirley Hutchinson; Marv Scott; Jason T. Stutzman; Stephanie Snider; Jeanne Ostrander; S. Pearsall, E.A.F.A. Pres. 83-85; Todd & Gavin Williams; Corey Drenkow 1986; Michael Maxfield; Brooke Ludwig; Ed & Ella Sieler; E.A.F.A. 10 years; Rick & Vicki Walton; Lee Helen Kim Warren Raven; Barbara Chuck Loomis; Donna J. Marsh; Doug Beck; Nancy & Grant Silverdale; Stetson Hazlerig; Mildred Servin; Clayton & Mabel Burnard; Dottie & Tim Delaney; Eric Dahl; Chris Drenkow 1986; Scott Goodman 1986; Sarah and Bill, My Children; Gregory S. Tredway; Bob & Noreen Smith; John Betrozoff; Barbara Nickerson; Greg & Dorothy Harris; Kristen Dahl; Joan Rita Goodwin; Dick & Mary Walker; Dee & Wilbur Pierce – 49th Anv.; Alan Zumwalt … some names are missing… ; Inga Click; Caroll Vrba; Kenneth R. Drewelow M.D.; In Memory of Frances Blair; Clarence O. Servin; Judith Barnes; Ethelmae and Ed Eckert; Andy Scott; Lt. Col. Roy Lee Larson; Jerry Louise Sampont; R. Drennon Family; The Landweers; Galen Burghardt; Gary J./Joy D. Walter JN.14:6; Brandon Williams; Randall F. Ekins 2  27  62; Van and Kari Schoessler; Rodger A. Fish, ILWU Local 19; John Fischer Local 2 Sea. Wa.; John & Martha Nygard; Sarah and Susan Jones; Cleo & Jerry Sterling; Kyla and Kiira Schoessler; Robert H. Ely; Gladys Littell Boyer; Sunny & Alan Ashworth; Kelsey Grace Menagh; Daniel Gaard Goodwin; Jim & Roberta O’Brien.

Courtyard Area: Erik Barron Kerkam; Timothy Kirgan; P. G. Phillips; Tom & Louise Vey; Lucille Hanson; Michael Royal; Jeanyne C. Locke; Nels and Rite Jensen; Deedie & Rick; Katya M. Blum, Northstar 85; Kathleen Hearne; Marc and Di Langdon; Nancy L. Mork Friends 1985; Faux Pas Sutter; Colin Danielson; Colleen Marie; Donna J. White; Waldo Belles; Capt. John R. Busby; Kelly & Betty Reed; George Graham; Kirkland Rainbow Girls; Dana Kirgan; Buzz & Barb Fleener 1985; Claire Knutson; Earl E. Edmisten; The Cart Family; Jason R. Huff, Devin D. Huff; Jennifer A. Secord; Alice M. Savage; Floyd Hardenbrook; Jessica Anne Brister; Gloyia Bickley; Abby Marie Wong; Keith & Beth McManus; Adrienne Karen Pouncy; Joel O. Skirvin; Fay and Ken Lowthian; Michael Fishbaugher; Arre Reynolds; James & Menell Wilson; Christopher Sutton; M. G. and Hank Melton; David Sather; Mutsu Okada; Marilyn & George Parker; Lindsay and Jim Bristow; A. J. Phillips Saubert; Virginia L. Harris; Craig Weitz, Kristi Weitz; In Memory of J. W. Tregilgus; Kumi Kilburn; Scott & Connie Neish; Lee Kilburn M.D.; Alex Carlson; Joan Ronk; Bob Neir, Mayor “74 – 79″Dana Mellin; Linda Hammond; Nicholas Kirgan; David John Morgan; Mark Fisher; Dieck Phyllis Dieckmann; Bill & Cathy Conn; T. Lawson Ferguson; Keven Franklin Kerkam; Brad Fisher; The Family of Commander R. A. Foucht; Bill J. Harris; Helene Eloise Marie Barnett; Tom Zimmerman; Judy Smith; David Bark; Bill Woods; Don & Merrily Dicks; B. Fay Dunlap; Dan Ramirez; Annapurna Gose; Fred & Carly; Craig & Laurie Owen; Chuck & Sue Fitch Family; Dwight Phillips; Don Moesch and Family; Kevin & Kandy Mason; Jennie J. M. Skirvin; Melinda Breland; Curt Warner; Lynn Lisenby.

Bob & Marge Yeats; Daryl Lee Burnett; Erik Shannon Svege; S  S  N  B  C  Estad  1952; Keith & Ardis Gowing; Darci Jill Kitchel; Charles and Florence Morgan; Clifford R. Cooper Jr.; Jo Ann Wilcox, Debbie Becky; Deanna Bill Hazard; Richard Hanson; Darin-Curtis Goldsberry; Brian A. Reynolds; Lisa Elliot Ridgway; Jane Mary Lisenby; Lady Evelyn; Robert Shelts; Geoffrey & Lisa Owen; Kitty Webster; Sondergaards, July 1985; The Sampson Family; Gregory Cowan; Luke Hitch Taylor; Sue Terao, Friends 1985; Twigg Zumwalt; Joe & Glenna Kellie; Erik Overleese; The Decher Family; Nick – Jeff Lyle; Libby Jim Bradford; James R. Innes “Spike”; Cynthia Innes; The Benardout’s; Marilyn Biggs; Greg Marilyn Zick; Tom Burke – A Man O Heart; Jimmy Pat; Ralph Rena Watson; In Memory of Gus Tierney; Bea & Barry Griffiths; Christina Griffiths; Teepee Gove; Ethel M. Compton; Al & Nancy Botz 10/2/1971; Betsey Laster; Jim & Susanne Ridgeway; Walt Simpson; Wilbur & Dee Pierce; Margaret Lincoln; Al Speed Wilson; Art & Laura Case & Family; John & Paula Ebner; Allen B. Locke, City Manager; Nancy & Gus; Mitshell T. Shepherd; Elsie Hallberg Anderson; Cliff & Marth Miller, 35 / 85; Bruce & Donna Holm; Bob & Mary Billington; Curt Blake; Mark Burgess; Jason Overleese; Rory Schwinn; Peberdy Family; John & Betty Rueter; Herb & Lou Ault; Cindy Brouillette; Chris Gray; Bettyla ?eed; Steven Brouillette; Matthew Bradley Schafer; Jack Haines; Florian Family; Frank & Pat Lacy; Shawn and Lisa Billington; John & Laura Pyles; Mr. & Mrs. Runion, Jenny & Brian; Chuck Fowler; Walt Simpson; Alan & Betty Kitchel; Corinne Cowan; Ron Richardson; Bill & Judy Gehring; Paul & Helen Kirk; Sandra Hanson Mitchell; Ethan Peter Wong; “Heart” Ann Wilson; Genevieve Karen; Ruth Herron; In Memory of ??ie Janssen; Mary Fowler; Dave, Gerilyn & Ryan Moynihan; Eric Ganz; The Rudkins; Mayor Doris Cooper; William & Anne Owen; Christina Smith; Shannon Sean McPhee; Andy Okada; In Memory of Joan Hovey; R.A.A.  E.H.A.  My Parents; Maggie Mitchell; In Memory of Shannon Dale; Bob & Betty Lightfeldt; Carolyn & Jim Hitter; Lou Wilson; McCauley Jean; Art Knutson; Teddy Overleese; Pat and Roy Deede; Mollie Hearne; Leslie & Jim Price; Lady Melicent Fishcake; Soren Ryherd, Majken Ryherd; Richard W. Shinstrom; Heather Hanson, Birth 4-2-85; Myron – Marlene Lewis; Mr. & Mrs. Mark E. Caton 10/05/85; Sandra Keyes C. F. P.; Terry Phillips; Irene – Roland Zimmerman; Leona Stanton Loved Kirkland; Devin Paul Kitchel; Dr. Agencourt Underfoot; Sarah Lisel Cooper; John Cowan; Deidre Barben; Marion Hardenbrook; To Our Father, E. L. Morris Jr.; Roberta – Glenn Greer; Sprague and Phyllis Vigus; Paul Secord; Keegan Tatman Brown; Stephanie L. Secord; Cassandra Tom Hearne; Phil Phillips; Gibson Phillips; Burt – Nelle Schwanke; Andy – Judy Breland; Noziroh 1944 – 1947; Kristi All My Love Deborah; Anna Kunkel Engbrecht; Buffy Sutter; Debbie Warner; Lorene Tredway; Ray Washburn; Jim Brennan; Bob Fowler and Family; Sierra+Heights, Preston Gold; Tony – Shelli Lauderdale; Merrill Mittge; Darlene and Paul Secord; The Yarbroughs; David & Susan Pitkethly; Andrew & John Ebner; Sven & Elna Hansen; Marla Royal; Carolyn J. Cooper; Shawn Bonner Brister.

John Overleese; Ken Claire Damon Zick; NeilSutter; Al Locke Park; Jim and Barb Phippard; Bob and Carol Bement; Richard Cheryl Mehs 12/21/85; Jack Marilyn John Olsen; Erik Strande Hammond; Lucile Nelson; John Wilson; K. H. S. Class of 1936; Kathleen B. Cooper; George Waters; Sara Jo Betrozoff; Bill Biggs; Jim – Nancy Sutter; Job’s Daughters Bethel 57; Jason Andrew Kitchel; Diane Royal; Dixie Breland; Rose Ferguson 1912  1965; Peter and Lonnie Yee; Jay and Kathy Pearson; Rexford Remembered; Thomas Elliot Hammond; Clem Reynolds; Genevieve Erickson; Hannah Lacy Cooper; Ben & Marla Kerkam; D. J. and P. K. are in love; Deloma Davis; Ralph Cooper; Adam Schwinn; John Knapp; Memory – Ruth Kelley’s Cafe; Bill Marlene Burdue; Vern Koenig Lynn Koenig; Neva Janssen; Al and Chris Vnuk; Cheri & Ron Moll; Brian Lurie Brian Const.; Donna Emsel Schill; Andrea Beatty Riniker; Ray M. Dunlap; “Heart” Nancy Wilson; Anthony Wilen; Robert G. Norman; Fritz Wicklund, Master Mason; Vern – Joye Newport; Ed Gray; Dona Felt, Artist; Carrie Adams 1985; Louis G. “Jerry” Marsh; Douglas Cowan; Stuart Fursman; Lorraine Wittenmyer; Jack – Charmaine Jovanovich; Lisa M. Deen, Wendy R. Deen; Shelley Schwinn; Ted Tax Family; The Bruggeman’s; The Smiths Family; Isaac Leavitt; Jackson Leavitt; Ian Leavitt; Sindy Leonard Dean Troy; Al & Roy Sutter; Joe Sindy Erin Galen; Gregg Johnson; Don & Ann McPhee; The Landry Family; Larry W. Huff, Cherie L. Huff; Kenneth Christopher; Skip Lisenby; Paul Millie Hall; Hermina Ehrlich; Linda Opitz Nafia Bauman; Ralph Craig Erikson-Bell; Scott Brower and Family; In Memory of Angela R. Bean; Jena & Elice Skirvin; Mateer Family; John- Patti Eggleston; Dick & Sandy Ekins; Amy & Jill Waters; Mark C. Shinstrom.

There was also a nice bench with a memorial plaque on it:

In Memory of Bettyla and Kelly Reed, Patrons of the Arts
In Memory of Bettyla and Kelly Reed, Patrons of the Arts

I hope that these bricks will keep the memories of these loved ones alive!

I have been in the field of Early Childhood Education since 1995. I have my Bachelor’s degree in Professional Child Development. In my free time, I love LEGO, ballet, ballroom dancing, eating out, traveling, history, architecture, genealogy, and people.

Discovering the Truth

I found this little gem in the Monroe library (part of the Sno-Isle library system of Snohomish & Island Counties in Washington state) the other day and thought it was such a great idea! The 4th grade class of John Luvera from Coupeville, WA  (under the guidance of their student teacher, Rachel Smith) found interesting local elders, listened to their stories, and wrote a little biography on them. They published the book to give to the library’s local history collection so these stories could be preserved for future generations. Unfortunately, it is labeled as a reference book, so you can only view it at the Monroe library. If you are interested, here are the elders who were featured:

Bob Podraza, Jean Paul Combettes, Marjorie Thornton, Virginia Herdesty, Ellen Schell, Ryan Samplawski, Gale Sims, Betty Strickland, Tom Thorton, Irene Moisin, and Peggy Gleason.

And if you happen to be planning a trip to the Monroe library, be sure to bring your young children because they have an absolutely wonderful, brand new play space designed for families, filled with toys to enhance literacy development. As an added bonus, children are never required to use a whisper voice in the library…if you want a quiet space, you can go to a quiet room.

Library play area

I have been in the field of Early Childhood Education since 1995. I have my Bachelor’s degree in Professional Child Development. In my free time, I love LEGO, ballet, ballroom dancing, eating out, traveling, history, architecture, genealogy, and people.

In doing some research for my Overseas Highway blog (which I happened to start on Labor Day weekend), I became quite interested in this event in the Highway’s history, so I thought it deserved a separate entry.

I keep seeing estimates of how many died in the storm, but no one seems to list the actual victims by name. They were never listed on either memorial in the Keys, nor were they listed at the gravesite.

Here is a transcription of the list of civilians that lost their lives as a result of the storm, from a census done by the state of Florida after the storm:

Islamorada: Robert W. Ingraham (36), Learami E. Ingraham (27), Ervin Ingraham (10), Everette Ray Ingraham (7), Alfred J. Adams (19), Roy C. Adams (17), Henry Pinder (48), Thelma C. Pinder (32), O’Niel A. Pinder (8), Edwards A. Williams (35), George E. Hall (62), Elizabeth Hall (61), Leonard G. Hall (17), Lawrence B. Hall (15), J. Wade Dumas (45), Marie Polk Dumas (41), George Henderson (39), James W. Wood (57), Herbert Saunders (60), Culnver Kewley (48), Andrew J. Booth (27), Ruth D. Booth (20), Charles F. Foyle Jr. (16), Sophie Ann Foyle (9), Marjorie C. Spitz (22), Raymond S. Spitz Jr. (4), Emma L. Russell (45), Irene M. Russell (14), Rose Mary Russell (7), Rosa Lee Russell (70), Doris M. Eubanks (23), James A. Eubanks (4), Eugene H. Russell (42), Gladys A. Russell (33), Howard E. Russell (8), Alberta Tay Russell (4), Richard H. Russell (42), Caroline E. Johnson (65), Russell R. Johnson (24), Henry O. Russell (60), Ruby Elizabeth (34), Catherine E. Russell (15), Bernice May Russell (14), Sarah Ellen Russell (12), Charles Otis Russell (9), William Henry Russell (8), Doloria I. Russell (4), Hilton Leroy Russell (3), Carl Edward Russell (1), Clyde B. Russell (33), Mary F Russell (28), Lorraine I. Russell (11), Emory Clyde Russell (6), William H Russell (65), Charlotte I. Russell (39), Glenwood C Russell (7), Phyllis M. Russell (5), Florine I. Russell (3), James L. Russell (9mo), James Carey (55), Charles L. Carey (24), Maud Carey (27), Rose Jacques Carey (8), Beverly June Carey (2), Edward Watts (51), Edith Watts (50), Don Frazsur (42), Mary Pinder (61), Margaret Busrzic (55), Sarah Higgs (70), John Mingo (68), Camille Pinder (34), Robert I. Roberts (74), James Woods (50), Effie E. Woods (40), Beverly E. Woods (1).

Click here to see photos of the Edna & Edny Parker family (that lived on Islamorada & survived the storm), as well as “Pinderville” where many of the Pinder family lived before the storm hit.

Plantation Key (a.k.a. Tavernier): William A. Tyree (66), Louise Tyree (16), Mazell Tyree (13), Mr. & Mrs. Harry Wroten.

Rock Harbor: Taylor Jackson Miller (45)

Key Largo: Frank K. Newton (58)

Here is a list of the positively identified veterans that lost their lives due to the storm, taken from a transcription of the Florida Hurricane Disaster hearings:

J. Ackerman, Walter S. Allen, B. W. Allspaugh, Chas. C. Almond, H. R. Austin, Payton B. Baber, Joe Barbee, Edward Roy Barnes, Andrew Beganake, R. A. Blanford, William L. Bolton, Clyde Boyce, George Carr, Edward F. Case, C. G. Cherry, William J. Clark, James F. Conway, Edward D. Costello, James Dawson, Frank P. DeAlbar, John T. Deaver, L. W. Delamater, G. Deverman, Thomas Donlon, George Ducott (2 of them are listed, but they have different serial numbers), George C. Dow, Thomas H. Dunn, K. W. Edwards, Jack Noel English, Michael Fogarty, Jack Foster, Sam Gatta, William Geary, John Patrick Gill, Joseph F. Golding, Elmer Graham, Russell Gwin, Edward J. Hammond, John James Healy Jr., George W. High, Walter E. Hoffman, Massey Hough, Benjamin B. Jakeman, Frank Jeffers, John Austin Johnson, Otis Johnson, Albert R. Jolly, John W. Jones, William A. Jones, Thomas F. Keenan, Paul Kendrick, Peter Kjar, E. Kreitzburg, R. E. Laughter, A. R. Lawrence, Frank Leslie, W. G. Lever, Brady C. Lewis, Ernest Lones, John Lynch, J. O. McClain, George B. McCoy, James A. McGinn, James E. McGough, Sylvester J. McGuire, Joseph McKinnon, M. P. McQueen, Michael Marik, Frank Masterborts, Edward U. Mathieu, Harry Matlock, Harry Mayhew, Charles R. Metzler, T. K. Moore, William J. Mulholand, James H. Mulvehill, Edward M. Murphy, Frederick M. Murphy, James Murray, John T. Neel, Osip Nepsha, Stephen U. Parrotte, Ralph H. Peacock, Paul C. Powell, James Pridgen, Robert H. Ramer, John C. Rawlings, Charles Reeves, John T. Reginiak, Michael J. Ryan, Frederick Schneider, Robert Shantz, George Sherman, Orson C. Shope, Harry P. Sickler, Abraham Silverman, Elisha Smith, Fred D. Sowerville, John Stuik, Samuel E. Starnes, William F. Staude, Edward R. St. Clair, Guy Milton Stone, Edward D. Sweeney, Eugene I. Tyler, Benjamin H. Van Ness, Albert K. Viar, Henry P. Wagner, Robert W. Weaver, W. E. Wenger, Samuel C. Westfall, Richard White, Rex Wilkerson, H. G. Williams, Walter J. Wimmer, Walter J. Wise, Harry Wrotten, F. Griset.

This is the list of the missing veterans that were presumed dead, taken from that same transcription of the Florida Hurricane Disaster hearings:

John H. Ambrose, Roy H. Anderson, Frank Barker, James W> Blaylock, James T. Bohnis, I. Broderick, Paul Brown, Harry Burrows, Joseph Caisse, Joseph Chickle, Winter I. Clapp, Harry F. Clarens Jr., Robert I. Clemons, Eugene H. Conner, John J. Conroy, George Cox, Roy Dane, Frank S. Davis, Robert H. Davis, William A Davis, John H. Dew, Willie Dodgins, Herbert W. Duran, Sam Emerson, John Fitzgerald, Leo Fogarty, Joe E. Galloway, William T. Granfield, Eugene G. Gray, Dewey E. Green, Stanley Grimoch, George H. Hardych, Mark O. Hilton, Arthur F. Holmes, Everard C. Jewett, Emil M. Johns, James A. Johnson, Peter John Jolien, Frank Kaminiski, Michael Koshula, Leo J. Larney, C. E. Lee, Harrison A. Letson, George W. Long, Regan N. Long, Steve Lukr, Thomas G. Lunny, James H. McConlogue, Henry Carroll McCord, A. H. McCuin, Fred J. Magiley, Leo F. Mahoney, Thomas Matthais, Sheridan Maupin, E. J. Mayers, Joseph E. Mitchell, Richard S. O’Brian, William M. O’Donnell, John H. Oldham, Stephanos Paschalis, Henry H. Pennsyl, Joseph William Pitts, Arthur L. Proctor, Hermanansgilde Proulz, Patrick F. Reilly, Harry F. Remington, Clinton W. Rhodes, Frank Rice, David J. Richardson, Herman Sauter, Allie T. Scott, Maurice Scott, Charles M. Slager, Frank J. Smith, John B. Smith, Louis Smith, Joseph Steppits, William P. St. John, B. H. Taylor, W. H. Turner, Lawrence W. Walters, Ernest Warren, Roy E. Washington, Nevel P. Webb, Clifford G. Webster, Hiram Weimer, Fred H. White, Dora B. Woodward, Harry S. Williams.

Finally, here is he list of veterans that were tentatively identified as dead after the storm, from the same transcription of the Florida Hurricane Disaster hearings:

Roy E. Barnes, Edward F. Bently, Charles H. Bott, Arthur J. Bouquet, Marcus W. Boyles, Richard A. Brady, Fred Clark, Harold W. Crockford, Michael B. Davis, John L. French, William A. Genomi, C. Guzoski, George G. Harrell, Charles B. Jensen, G. A. Jones, Frank G. Keith, J. Kochersperger, Charles R. Langrehr, Rufus N. Lavender, R. E. Lawson, J. J. Lewis, D. McAlister, Lee McDonald, Floyd A. Martin, Dilbert M. Meredith, John Moran, William E. Murtha, Peter Parliewicz, D. D. Perry, W. M. Phillips, William W. Porter, Edward P. Quinn, George Edward Rains, E. H. Renswick, Harold V. Rice, C. S. Rodeheaver, Alfred Scales, Michael Selenack, Joseph Sherlock, Cyrus Shoop, E. E. Stocklager, Stewart Veile, S. Warman, V. Zavash.

This is the most comprehensive list I can create of those that died in the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935, and I hope it helps others who have the same curiosities that I do!

I have been in the field of Early Childhood Education since 1995. I have my Bachelor’s degree in Professional Child Development. In my free time, I love LEGO, ballet, ballroom dancing, eating out, traveling, history, architecture, genealogy, and people.

Overseas Highway

Wow, what a beautiful drive! Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this incredibly scenic drive was originally the Overseas Railroad, envisioned by Henry Morrison Flagler and completed in 1912.

"Florida east coast causeway to Key West (CJ Allen, Steel Highway, 1928)" by Andy Dingley (scanner) - Scan from Allen, Cecil J. (1928) The Steel Highway, London: Longmans, Green & Co., pp. facing page. 72 (I). Licensed under Public Domain via Commons -,_Steel_Highway,_1928).jpg#/media/File:Florida_east_coast_causeway_to_Key_West_(CJ_Allen,_Steel_Highway,_1928).jpg
“Florida east coast causeway to Key West (CJ Allen, Steel Highway, 1928)” by Andy Dingley (scanner) – Scan from Allen, Cecil J. (1928) The Steel Highway, London: Longmans, Green & Co., pp. facing page. 72 (I).

While exploring this area, I found an interesting building located on Spanish Harbor Key that I believe is an old storage building from the construction of the original building

Unfortunately, the railroad met a tragic and dramatic demise in 1935 with the great Labor Day Hurricane. I highly recommend reading the Wikipedia article on the storm for a brief summary, or if you have time for a more detailed account, I really liked the one found here by Willie Drye. You can also read the statements before congress about the event of Honorable James Hardin Peterson, Honorable J. Mark Wilcox, Julius F. Stone Jr., Conrad Van Hyning, Ray W. Sheldon, Ivan R. Tannehill, Willis Ray Gregg, Charles P. Albury, Dr. James T. Googe, Hubert G. McKenzie, Frederick Bruce Ghent, Edwin A. Pynchon, David W. Kennamer, George E. Ijams, General Frank T. Hines, M. E. Gilfond, Harry B. Wirin, Aubrey W. Williams, Joseph F. Fecteau, S. C. Cutler, Harold Langlois, Laura Van Ness, and Governor David Sholtz in the hearing proceedings here.

After the railroad was destroyed, the government bought the land & immediately began work converting it to a road for cars. This is a road filled with bridges and scenic vistas, the most impressive of these is “Seven mile bridge” connecting the city of Marathon to Little Duck Key. Cars currently drive on the second iteration of the bridge, the first being unsafe to drive any longer. Old 7 mile bridge cross section

Every April, the bridge is closed for one Saturday morning for a bridge run to commemorate the completion of the newer bridge sections. The old bridge has had sections removed to allow for unrestricted sailboat passage, but it is still accessible to pedestrians and bicycle traffic from the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trailhead.

I have been in the field of Early Childhood Education since 1995. I have my Bachelor’s degree in Professional Child Development. In my free time, I love LEGO, ballet, ballroom dancing, eating out, traveling, history, architecture, genealogy, and people.