Labor Day Hurricane of 1935

In doing some research for my Overseas Highway blog (which I happened to start on Labor Day weekend), I became quite interested in this event in the Highway’s history, so I thought it deserved a separate entry.

I keep seeing estimates of how many died in the storm, but no one seems to list the actual victims by name. They were never listed on either memorial in the Keys, nor were they listed at the gravesite.

Here is a transcription of the list of civilians that lost their lives as a result of the storm, from a census done by the state of Florida after the storm:

Islamorada: Robert W. Ingraham (36), Learami E. Ingraham (27), Ervin Ingraham (10), Everette Ray Ingraham (7), Alfred J. Adams (19), Roy C. Adams (17), Henry Pinder (48), Thelma C. Pinder (32), O’Niel A. Pinder (8), Edwards A. Williams (35), George E. Hall (62), Elizabeth Hall (61), Leonard G. Hall (17), Lawrence B. Hall (15), J. Wade Dumas (45), Marie Polk Dumas (41), George Henderson (39), James W. Wood (57), Herbert Saunders (60), Culnver Kewley (48), Andrew J. Booth (27), Ruth D. Booth (20), Charles F. Foyle Jr. (16), Sophie Ann Foyle (9), Marjorie C. Spitz (22), Raymond S. Spitz Jr. (4), Emma L. Russell (45), Irene M. Russell (14), Rose Mary Russell (7), Rosa Lee Russell (70), Doris M. Eubanks (23), James A. Eubanks (4), Eugene H. Russell (42), Gladys A. Russell (33), Howard E. Russell (8), Alberta Tay Russell (4), Richard H. Russell (42), Caroline E. Johnson (65), Russell R. Johnson (24), Henry O. Russell (60), Ruby Elizabeth (34), Catherine E. Russell (15), Bernice May Russell (14), Sarah Ellen Russell (12), Charles Otis Russell (9), William Henry Russell (8), Doloria I. Russell (4), Hilton Leroy Russell (3), Carl Edward Russell (1), Clyde B. Russell (33), Mary F Russell (28), Lorraine I. Russell (11), Emory Clyde Russell (6), William H Russell (65), Charlotte I. Russell (39), Glenwood C Russell (7), Phyllis M. Russell (5), Florine I. Russell (3), James L. Russell (9mo), James Carey (55), Charles L. Carey (24), Maud Carey (27), Rose Jacques Carey (8), Beverly June Carey (2), Edward Watts (51), Edith Watts (50), Don Frazsur (42), Mary Pinder (61), Margaret Busrzic (55), Sarah Higgs (70), John Mingo (68), Camille Pinder (34), Robert I. Roberts (74), James Woods (50), Effie E. Woods (40), Beverly E. Woods (1).

Click here to see photos of the Edna & Edny Parker family (that lived on Islamorada & survived the storm), as well as “Pinderville” where many of the Pinder family lived before the storm hit.

Plantation Key (a.k.a. Tavernier): William A. Tyree (66), Louise Tyree (16), Mazell Tyree (13), Mr. & Mrs. Harry Wroten.

Rock Harbor: Taylor Jackson Miller (45)

Key Largo: Frank K. Newton (58)

Here is a list of the positively identified veterans that lost their lives due to the storm, taken from a transcription of the Florida Hurricane Disaster hearings:

J. Ackerman, Walter S. Allen, B. W. Allspaugh, Chas. C. Almond, H. R. Austin, Payton B. Baber, Joe Barbee, Edward Roy Barnes, Andrew Beganake, R. A. Blanford, William L. Bolton, Clyde Boyce, George Carr, Edward F. Case, C. G. Cherry, William J. Clark, James F. Conway, Edward D. Costello, James Dawson, Frank P. DeAlbar, John T. Deaver, L. W. Delamater, G. Deverman, Thomas Donlon, George Ducott (2 of them are listed, but they have different serial numbers), George C. Dow, Thomas H. Dunn, K. W. Edwards, Jack Noel English, Michael Fogarty, Jack Foster, Sam Gatta, William Geary, John Patrick Gill, Joseph F. Golding, Elmer Graham, Russell Gwin, Edward J. Hammond, John James Healy Jr., George W. High, Walter E. Hoffman, Massey Hough, Benjamin B. Jakeman, Frank Jeffers, John Austin Johnson, Otis Johnson, Albert R. Jolly, John W. Jones, William A. Jones, Thomas F. Keenan, Paul Kendrick, Peter Kjar, E. Kreitzburg, R. E. Laughter, A. R. Lawrence, Frank Leslie, W. G. Lever, Brady C. Lewis, Ernest Lones, John Lynch, J. O. McClain, George B. McCoy, James A. McGinn, James E. McGough, Sylvester J. McGuire, Joseph McKinnon, M. P. McQueen, Michael Marik, Frank Masterborts, Edward U. Mathieu, Harry Matlock, Harry Mayhew, Charles R. Metzler, T. K. Moore, William J. Mulholand, James H. Mulvehill, Edward M. Murphy, Frederick M. Murphy, James Murray, John T. Neel, Osip Nepsha, Stephen U. Parrotte, Ralph H. Peacock, Paul C. Powell, James Pridgen, Robert H. Ramer, John C. Rawlings, Charles Reeves, John T. Reginiak, Michael J. Ryan, Frederick Schneider, Robert Shantz, George Sherman, Orson C. Shope, Harry P. Sickler, Abraham Silverman, Elisha Smith, Fred D. Sowerville, John Stuik, Samuel E. Starnes, William F. Staude, Edward R. St. Clair, Guy Milton Stone, Edward D. Sweeney, Eugene I. Tyler, Benjamin H. Van Ness, Albert K. Viar, Henry P. Wagner, Robert W. Weaver, W. E. Wenger, Samuel C. Westfall, Richard White, Rex Wilkerson, H. G. Williams, Walter J. Wimmer, Walter J. Wise, Harry Wrotten, F. Griset.

This is the list of the missing veterans that were presumed dead, taken from that same transcription of the Florida Hurricane Disaster hearings:

John H. Ambrose, Roy H. Anderson, Frank Barker, James W> Blaylock, James T. Bohnis, I. Broderick, Paul Brown, Harry Burrows, Joseph Caisse, Joseph Chickle, Winter I. Clapp, Harry F. Clarens Jr., Robert I. Clemons, Eugene H. Conner, John J. Conroy, George Cox, Roy Dane, Frank S. Davis, Robert H. Davis, William A Davis, John H. Dew, Willie Dodgins, Herbert W. Duran, Sam Emerson, John Fitzgerald, Leo Fogarty, Joe E. Galloway, William T. Granfield, Eugene G. Gray, Dewey E. Green, Stanley Grimoch, George H. Hardych, Mark O. Hilton, Arthur F. Holmes, Everard C. Jewett, Emil M. Johns, James A. Johnson, Peter John Jolien, Frank Kaminiski, Michael Koshula, Leo J. Larney, C. E. Lee, Harrison A. Letson, George W. Long, Regan N. Long, Steve Lukr, Thomas G. Lunny, James H. McConlogue, Henry Carroll McCord, A. H. McCuin, Fred J. Magiley, Leo F. Mahoney, Thomas Matthais, Sheridan Maupin, E. J. Mayers, Joseph E. Mitchell, Richard S. O’Brian, William M. O’Donnell, John H. Oldham, Stephanos Paschalis, Henry H. Pennsyl, Joseph William Pitts, Arthur L. Proctor, Hermanansgilde Proulz, Patrick F. Reilly, Harry F. Remington, Clinton W. Rhodes, Frank Rice, David J. Richardson, Herman Sauter, Allie T. Scott, Maurice Scott, Charles M. Slager, Frank J. Smith, John B. Smith, Louis Smith, Joseph Steppits, William P. St. John, B. H. Taylor, W. H. Turner, Lawrence W. Walters, Ernest Warren, Roy E. Washington, Nevel P. Webb, Clifford G. Webster, Hiram Weimer, Fred H. White, Dora B. Woodward, Harry S. Williams.

Finally, here is he list of veterans that were tentatively identified as dead after the storm, from the same transcription of the Florida Hurricane Disaster hearings:

Roy E. Barnes, Edward F. Bently, Charles H. Bott, Arthur J. Bouquet, Marcus W. Boyles, Richard A. Brady, Fred Clark, Harold W. Crockford, Michael B. Davis, John L. French, William A. Genomi, C. Guzoski, George G. Harrell, Charles B. Jensen, G. A. Jones, Frank G. Keith, J. Kochersperger, Charles R. Langrehr, Rufus N. Lavender, R. E. Lawson, J. J. Lewis, D. McAlister, Lee McDonald, Floyd A. Martin, Dilbert M. Meredith, John Moran, William E. Murtha, Peter Parliewicz, D. D. Perry, W. M. Phillips, William W. Porter, Edward P. Quinn, George Edward Rains, E. H. Renswick, Harold V. Rice, C. S. Rodeheaver, Alfred Scales, Michael Selenack, Joseph Sherlock, Cyrus Shoop, E. E. Stocklager, Stewart Veile, S. Warman, V. Zavash.

This is the most comprehensive list I can create of those that died in the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935, and I hope it helps others who have the same curiosities that I do!

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