Local History via 4th Graders

Discovering the Truth

I found this little gem in the Monroe library (part of the Sno-Isle library system of Snohomish & Island Counties in Washington state) the other day and thought it was such a great idea! The 4th grade class of John Luvera from Coupeville, WA  (under the guidance of their student teacher, Rachel Smith) found interesting local elders, listened to their stories, and wrote a little biography on them. They published the book to give to the library’s local history collection so these stories could be preserved for future generations. Unfortunately, it is labeled as a reference book, so you can only view it at the Monroe library. If you are interested, here are the elders who were featured:

Bob Podraza, Jean Paul Combettes, Marjorie Thornton, Virginia Herdesty, Ellen Schell, Ryan Samplawski, Gale Sims, Betty Strickland, Tom Thorton, Irene Moisin, and Peggy Gleason.

And if you happen to be planning a trip to the Monroe library, be sure to bring your young children because they have an absolutely wonderful, brand new play space designed for families, filled with toys to enhance literacy development. As an added bonus, children are never required to use a whisper voice in the library…if you want a quiet space, you can go to a quiet room.

Library play area

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