Watershed Cafe – Leavenworth, WA

Food: Hattie
Food: Parents
Kid Friendliness

Restaurant: Watershed Cafe
Cuisine: American
Visit Date: October 11th, 2015
Location: Leavenworth, WA
Address: 221 8th Street
Price of Kids Meal: N/A
Child Friendliness Factors: 
-Changing Table in restroom: No. It was a very awkward experience.Hattie at Watershed Restaurant
-Child hand washing made convenient: No. This was also a very awkward experience.
-Highchairs available: Yes.
-Drinks: I used my tippy cup from home, so I’m not sure what they would have offered me.
-Child-friendly food/servings on menu: No children’s menu, but the chef was very accommodating.
-Welcoming touches for children: None to speak of.
Additional Comments:
-Parking in downtown Leavenworth can be tricky.
-Patio seating available in good weather.

We ate brunch here on a beautiful mountain weekend, and it was so delicious! At the request of my parents, the chef made me a plate of sliced avocados, scrambled eggs, and sliced oranges. Our waitress was so kind and patient with me and the mess I kept making. We got to sit on the patio and watch all of the dogs walk by, and then one of them sat down at the table next to us! The waitress brought him a bowl of water, which I thought was really sweet. My parents loved their meals too. They both ordered sliders, and instead of fries, which is what most restaurants bring with anything that looks burger-isa, this place served them with dilly beans…which I love! Mark this one in the record books, folks: a restaurant that serves VEGGIES with their burgers! Wow! Watershed Restaurant Custom Brunch

I was born in September of 2014, and ever since I started eating solid foods I have been a self-proclaimed foodie. I am also an aspiring chef (actually, I just aspire to reach the kitchen counter right now), and experienced restaurant critic.

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