Joseph Berg Memorial

This archway looks simple enough – a bit of art tucked away in a cute little courtyard of sleepy little Mount Vernon, Washington, but when you get closer, you can see the plaques about Joseph Berg. Here are their transcriptions:
Joseph Berg Plaque 1

Joseph Berg
Pvt. Co. F, 161st, Inf.
Sgt. Co. G, 167th, Inf. 2D, Eng. U.S.N.

Enlisted May 9th, 1916.
Honorably discharged Nov. 7th, 1919.
Enlisted in U.S.N. Aug. 12th, 1922.

Killed in service aboard U.S.S. Mississippi
June 12th, 1924.
Cited for extraordinary heroism
in action
and decorated as follows:

U.S. Distinguished Service Cross: Mch. 23, 1919.

French Medaille Millitaire: Apr. 13, 1919

Posted as a lookout, he exposed himself to heavy machine gun and artillery fire and succeeded in killing or disabling crews of three machine guns, thus saving his company from heavy casualties.  From citation

Erected by his shipmates of U.S.S. Mississippi and comrades and friends of Mount Vernon.

Joseph Berg Plaque 2

Moved and Dedicated
October 6, 2005
Generous Support of:
In Memory of Ken and Miriam Harris
City of Mount Vernon
Mount Vernon Arts Commission
Mount Vernon Towing – Doug Faber
Hawthorne Funeral Home – Dick and Kirk Duffy

Wow! Sounds like an amazing man! I found some Navy records that say, “At 11:40am fire in #2 turret occurred, caused by flare back, killing:” and it goes on to list Joseph Berg, along with 47 other names. 48 men killed by accident. That’s pretty sobering.

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