Skillet Street Food – Seattle, WA

Food: Hattie
Food: Parents
Kid Friendliness

Restaurant: Skillet Street Food
Cuisine: American/Burgers
Visit Date: January 8th, 2016
Location: Seattle, WA
Address: 305 Harrison Street (inside Seattle Center Armory)
Price of Kids Meal: $6 – $7 (no drink)
Child Friendliness Factors: 
-Changing Table in restroom: Yes.
-Child hand washing made convenient: No, but a definite yes for the Children’s Museum restrooms downstairs
-Highchairs available: Yes, and they had children’s chairs/tables too!
-Drinks: Lidded cups w/ straws available, but no milk.
-Child-friendly food/servings on menu: Yes, but the portions were a bit large.
-Welcoming touches for children: Nothing special, but the museum downstairs is great!
Additional Comments:
-Wine & beer available
-Located inside the Armory food court area
-Outdoor patio available on warm days
-No table service/counter service only

Skillet Street Food Grilled Cheese

This is one of the brick-and-mortar versions of the (locally) famous silver food truck, located inside the Seattle Center Armory. It’s the perfect spot to eat dinner after playing hard at the Children’s Museum downstairs, or enjoying your favorite festival at Seattle Center (I personally enjoy BrickCon most). The food is always yummy, and they have food that kids like me really enjoy, like waffles or grilled cheese. The only thing missing from their kids menu were any sort of vegetables, but I suppose that can be forgiven.

Skillet Street Food Kids Menu

My mom ordered the cornmeal waffle for me & the grilled cheese for herself. The waffle didn’t taste anything like cornmeal. The whipped cream was obviously freshly made, and they put strawberries, blackberries, and apple slices on top. It was soooo delicious that I couldn’t even save room to try mom’s grilled cheese!

When I'm bigger, I'll get to use the kid chairs & table.
When I’m bigger, I’ll get to use the kid chairs & table.
I was born in September of 2014, and ever since I started eating solid foods I have been a self-proclaimed foodie. I am also an aspiring chef (actually, I just aspire to reach the kitchen counter right now), and experienced restaurant critic.

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