The Soup Cellar – Leavenworth, WA

Food: Hattie
Food: Parents
Kid Friendliness

Restaurant: The Soup Cellar
Cuisine: Bratwursts, Soup & Salad Bar
Visit Date: January 2017
Location: Leavenworth, WA
Address: 815 Front St # B
Price of Kids Meal: $7.49
Child Friendliness Factors: 
-Changing Table in restroom: Yes, and it was a large single-occupant restroom which makes it nice for potty-ing with your parents.
-Child hand washing made convenient: No
-Highchairs available: Yes
-Drinks: Milk available with straws.
-Child-friendly food/servings on menu: Yes, although my mom kinda freaked out about every kids meal being served with a big pile of french fries AND a pudding cup.
-Welcoming touches for children: None in particular.
Additional Comments:
-Beer & wine available
-Tight space with steep stairs, which may make it tricky for those in a stroller.
-No outdoor seating.
-No table service/counter service only, but soups & salad bar are serve-yourself style, which means you don’t have to wait on the kitchen staff to cook your stuff if you are really hungry.

Sometimes, I just want a slice of pizza or a hot dog, and The Soup Cellar is the perfect spot on a day like that. My parents, however, can get very particular about their food. They said it tasted fresh-from-the-Sysco-truck & were hoping for something more homemade. We did all agree that you can’t beat the speed here, and it was a great place to bring large families or picky eaters. They said the prices were good, too, so I think we’ll be back again someday.

I was born in September of 2014, and ever since I started eating solid foods I have been a self-proclaimed foodie. I am also an aspiring chef (actually, I just aspire to reach the kitchen counter right now), and experienced restaurant critic.

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