Chinatown Restaurant – San Francisco, CA

Food: Hattie
Food: Parents
Kid Friendliness

Restaurant: Chinatown Restaurant
Cuisine: Chinese
Visit Date: February 20th, 2016
Location: San Francisco, CA
Address: 744 Washington Street
Price of Kids Meal: No kids’ menu, but Dim Sum dishes were $4-$10 each
Child Friendliness Factors: Page from Chinatown Restaurant menu
-Changing Table in restroom: No, and the restroom was down a flight of stairs, and not exactly clean. 
-Child hand washing made convenient: No.
-Highchairs available: Yes.
-Drinks: Just ice water in grown-up cups.
-Child-friendly food/servings on menu: Dim Sum dishes are the right size for children, and many have flavors that appeal to toddler taste buds as well.
-Welcoming touches for children: None.
Additional Comments:
-Nice soju selection.
-Great view from balcony
-In the heart of San Francisco’s Chinatown
-Serving the community since 1919

While my family and I were in San Francisco for Chinese New Year, we were able to have lunch at this hidden gem. Some of my followers may know already, but I am a huge fan of noodles, and Chinatown Restaurant makes excellent noodles! I also liked how dishes were served family style, on a giant lazy-suzan in then center of the table, so I got to try a bite of everything. After dinner, the waitress brought little bowls of green tea ice cream for everyone. What a treat!Chinatown Restaurant green tea ice creamChinatown Restaurant oodles

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