Historic Churches of Monroe, WA

Monroe has a number of historic churches that still stand today. Let’s start with Monroe United Methodist Church, pictured above. This brick beauty was the city’s first church, organized in 1896, with the current building being built in 1924. Here’s a postcard featuring the church from the 1950’s.

monroe methodist episcopal churchThe Monroe Congregational Church is just down Lewis Street, First Congregational Church of Monroeand it was the 5th church to be built in Monroe, in 1907. From the churches archives, “in 1907 the church lots cost $470.00 and the erection of the building $3,000.00.” The stained glass windows in this church are beautiful even to passersby on the outside, and breathtaking inside! I was unable to find any information about when these windows were installed, but they appear to reflect the local setting of Monroe, tucked in at the foot of the mountains, with the valley spreading out wide on the other side. The windows are done in twi-panel style, with the center panel of each being the largest. This is a popular design style for religious art.Stained Glass from First Congregational Church of Monroe


Stained Glass from First Congregational Church of Monroe

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